Company Background

AP Universal Linkers (APUL), a Bangladeshi enterprise, aims to make world class products available for the people of Bangladesh. APUL is a sister concern of Universal Linkers, a family-owned business known for expertise in construction, indenting and agricultural project management. The company has several years of experience in multiple industries such as export and import, construction, logistics support, and agricultural project management. In its history, the company has partnered with international firms to import quality products into Bangladesh and the wider South Asian region. The company has worked with Nissho Iwai Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, Fujiden Shuji Corporation of Japan and MTI of South Korea to import and market multipurpose products and services in Bangladesh.


The most devastating problem facing the world's poor is malnutrition. Nutritional foods such as milk and dairy products are critical to human development, as a lack of essential nutrients causes malnutrition. It is unfortunate that even in today’s globalised business world, people in developing countries cannot access quality dairy products. Due to the lack of technological advancement, skilled resources and sufficient livestock, local manufacturers are unable to produce these products. Hence, most of the developing countries such as Bangladesh, rely heavily on imported dairy products. APUL, a Bangladeshi enterprise, aims to make world class dairy products available for the people of Bangladesh.

In 2021, APUL partnered with Saputo Dairy Australia (Saputo) and took a joint initiative to introduce quality dairy products in Bangladesh.Saputo is one of Australia's largest processors of dairy products, producing a wide range of high-quality products for the domestic and international markets.

Mission &Vision

APUL imagines a time that all the people in Bangladesh have access to world class quality products.

APUL will make world class products from globally recognised brands available to the people of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a poor country, and many people cannot afford imported brands. Hence, APUL’s long-term mission includes sourcing quality products and making the products available within the affordability of mass population in Bangladesh.

Why Saputo

Saputo produces, markets, and distributes a wide array of dairy products of the utmost quality, including cheese, fluid milk, extended shelf-life milk and cream products, cultured products, and dairy ingredients. Saputo is one of the top ten dairy processors in the world, a leading cheese manufacturer and fluid milk and cream processor in Canada, the top dairy processor in Australia, and the second largest in Argentina. In the USA, Saputo ranks among the top three cheese producers and is one of the largest producers of extended shelf-life and cultured dairy products. In the United Kingdom, Saputo is the largest manufacturer of branded cheese and a top manufacturer of dairy spreads. Saputo products are sold in several countries under market-leading brands, as well as private label brands. Saputo Inc. is a publicly traded company, and its shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “SAP”.

Company Executives

Keshab Kumar Roy


Mr. Roy is an engineer with many glaring achievements in the field of Power Engineering. Today’s stable power in the country has a lot of contribution from him. After retiring from the power sector jobs as Chief Engineer in charge, he raised several successful businesses on power engineering, import of reconditioned vehicles and transports as Managing Director of the esteemed company Dipjit Enterprise Ltd. He now is heading towards distributorship of dairy products from Australia, which he thinks will be a dazzling success soon.

Mosfiqur Rahman

Vice President

Mr. Rahman is the founder of Universal Linkers. He has commendable 35 years of experience in sales management and marketing. He started his career in the finance industry with American Express. He has been a successful entrepreneur since 1980s. He has been engaged in several industry and chairs many organizations in Bangladesh. In his leadership Universal Linkers performed as a key distributor for many esteemed organizations such as Mitsubishi, Nissho Iwai. He has several years of experience managing agricultural projects such as dairy farms, fisheries etc.

Hasan Zayeed

Managing Partner

Mr. Zayeed has worked across the globe during the last three decades, having been based in USA, Canada, and Australia. As an international business consultant Mr. Zayeed has strong expertise in understanding international market and regulatory practices. He is based in Australia with a focus on fostering partnerships with global brands and sourcing award winning quality products. He has a track record of performing as a key player turning around poorly performing businesses to profitable entity.

Hassan Mahmood


Mr. Mahmood has extensive business experience across multiple industries in Bangladesh. Over his 30-year long career Mr. Mahmood has established businesses in the steel, metal, and agriculture industries. He is based in Bangladesh with a focus on providing the local Bangladeshi consumers access to international standard products.

Retd. Colonel Md. Shahjahan Molla


Mr. Molla, PSC (Retd) is an honourable retired military officer of Bangladesh Armed Forces. He also as a brave freedom fighter fought gallantly during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.His experience is not only limited in security but mobilization, HR, business management and disaster management as well. Mr. Molla is well-travelled person who gathered huge experience and established a resourceful connection with international communities. He established himself as a successful business personality with special focus on Real Estate, Industrial construction, Infrastructure Development, and consultation. Colonel Molla is an active member of REHAB (Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh) and holds the position of co-chairman of sub-committee. As a social and cultural personality, the colonel achieved a strong network in the field of club activities such as Dhaka club, RAOWA (Retired Armed Forces Officers Welfare Association) and Golf clubs.

Key Players

Ariful Alam

National Operations Manager

Abidur Rahman

Logistics Manager

Mamunul Haque Siddique

Sales Executive

Depak Choudhury

Sales Executive